Brain Food – Calcium August 15 2013

What causes ADD/ADHD?  There are many theories, but one of the most consistent and most frequent triggers of ADD/ADHD has to do with nutritional status.  Research has shown over and over again that your brain is directly affected by how you fuel your body.  Almost any nutrient deficiency can impair brain function.  

For example, let’s look at calcium.  If individuals are deficient in calcium, brain performance rapidly deteriorates, resulting in unstable behaviors including restlessness, an inability to focus, and anxiousness.  This occurs because insufficient levels of calcium in the brain disrupts the nerve function and the ability of neurotransmitters, our brain’s communication messengers, to clearly and effectively send messages telling us how to feel and act. 

Calcium works closely with magnesium (link to Mag blog) so it’s important to have both at healthy levels.  Both minerals have a calming effect on the nervous system.  Magnesium is fundamental in providing our brain with energy.  Calcium is responsible for turning nerve cells on.  You also need calcium to make your muscles and heart contract, and magnesium to make them relax again.  Without magnesium, you would not be able to hold the calcium in your body.  Magnesium helps other vitamins and minerals work properly, as well.     

Calcium and magnesium (link to Mag blog) deficiencies are a common reason for cases of ADD/ADHD among many due to an inability to properly digest food and absorb nutrients.  A poor diet is also a factor, as many essential vitamins and minerals are not found in the Standard American Diet (S.A.D. diet).  A study conducted by Thiel, Ph.D. (ANMA Monitor 1997:1(9): 5-8) of children and adults suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) showed that 52% of those tested were calcium deficient and the remaining were deficient in other vitamins and minerals such B6, GABA and magnesium. 

As discussed in an earlier post (link to Mag post),  and because we’re big fans, every single cell in your body needs magnesium to produce energy.  Magnesium, known as the anti-stress mineral, is involved in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, sends messages along your nerves, helps your muscles relax, maintain strong bones and teeth, helps your heart beat, and keeps your blood pressure at normal levels.  

Nature Optimized has formulated Pure Clarity to include both Calcium and Magnesium in healthy amounts.  We believe that naturally-sourced essential vitamins and minerals are a number one priority for healthy brain function.    

Thiel, Ph.D. (ANMA Monitor 1997:1(9): 5-8)