Is ADHD Diagnosis Getting to Be A Knee Jerk Reaction? March 11 2014

After 50 years as a practicing behavioral neurologist in America, Dr. Richard Saul, has an opinion on ADHD that is different than the common doctor.  Saul used to believe in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) back in the seventies.  Over the last 30 years though, and especially in the past decade, there has been an explosion of ADHD diagnosis and over-prescription of stimulants medications.  Dr. Saul believes that a whole range of underlying causes for ADHD are being missed and ignored because of the “knee-jerk” diagnosis of ADHD followed by a prescription medication treatment plan.

Only by properly investigating, identifying and treating the causes of ADHD will patients be helped.  Failing to treat the underlying cause only makes things worse, especially if you are only solving the problem with prescription medications.

The two main ingredients in ADHD stimulant medications are amphetamine and methylphenidate.  Both are classified as Schedule II Drugs by the Drug Enforcement Agency and have a long list of side effects as well as high potential for abuse.  Whether or not you have a correct diagnosis of ADHD, introducing these toxic ingredients into the body is in no way healthy. 

Instead of quickly jumping on the “Write me a prescription!” train, research a provider who will provide you with healthy options for treatment.  It’s important to find a physician who will work with you on a holistic treatment plan that addresses the underlying cause of ADHD.  Neurotransmitter imbalances affect an individuals ability to focus, motivate, and make executive functions in the brain.  Finding a solution that treats this cause systemically is the safest and most effective way to overcome your ADHD problems.

A multimodal plan that implements nutritional, behavioral and lifestyle changes is often the most effective route to go. 
Written by Melissa Warner
Saul, R. MD. “ADHD doesn’t exist and drugs do more harm than good.” March 10, 2014.