ADHD ReVamp interviews Nature Optimized CEO June 16 2014

Nature Optimized – A Natural, Heartfelt, Approach to ADHD

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In this day and age, where it seems every second toddler is being diagnosed with ADHD, and prescribed methylphenidate (Ritalin), amphetamines (Adderall), it is nice to see alternative solutions popping up from individuals that truly care and understand ADHD. Nature Optimized was started by individuals just like this, that discovered an issue and worked to find natural solutions, truly an inspiration.  This husband and wife team combine to bring the right level of expertise, first hand experience, and the shared drive to make a difference. The company has developed and manufacturers ADHD remedies for the body and mind with basic nutrients. Their products are all-natural, science-based ADD/ADHD remedies, easily absorbed, non-addictive, and no side effects!

We had the opportunity to get in contact with Melissa Warner, CEO at Nature Optimized. For more information about Nature Optimized you can visit them at

To learn more, and get their story, we asked Melissa some questions about their cause and the remedy. There is a lot of valuable information here, so dive in!

Here they are:

1. [ReVamP] Your product “Pure Clarity” is an all natural ADHD dietary supplement. What drove you to be interested in supplements specifically for ADHD? How did you study ADHD, the unique cognitive efficiencies and deficiencies, and realize what kind of supplementation could be beneficial?

[Melissa] My desire to research and study ADHD began because of an experience close to home.  My husband, Danny, runs a drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program.  He found that the number of people coming in with substance addictions who were also on ADD/ADHD prescription medications was alarmingly high. At Danny’s facility, part of the treatment protocol toward true recovery involves detoxing the body from all potential toxins that have to be filtered by the liver, including prescription medications.  My background is in biochemistry and nutrition so Danny asked me to review what it would take to naturally support the brain in much the same way ADHD stimulant medications do so that individuals at his facility could be helped in a healthy, restorative way.   All my research from peer-reviewed literature and scientific papers showed that certain nutrients can improve brain health, specifically cognitive function, neurotransmitter development, and overall mental execution.  Thus, I began putting together the formulas for two natural ADD/ADHD management supplements – Pure Clarity with Energy Boost and Pure Clarity with Calming Blend.


2.  Pure Clarity is a naturally derived plant- produced brain fuel. What are the benefits of natural supplementation over the wide use of ADHD medications such as Adderall?

The benefit of natural supplementation with specific nutrients is that it helps heal the brain at the physiological level where the fundamental cause of ADD/ADHD, which is usually neurotransmitter imbalance, exists.  Nutrient supplementation supports the biochemical reactions in the brain that allow focus, attention, and motivation to function naturally.  In today’s busy world, it’s hard to keep up with daily requirements for key vitamins, minerals, fats, and amino acids in the diet.  To ensure you’re getting the adequate amounts of nutrients you need, it’s a good idea to find a health improving, brain-strengthening supplement to take.   Basically, with supplementation you’re given your brain the nutritional precursors and proper “fuel” it needs to run and function on its own – naturally and normally. 

ADHD medications (like Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, etc), on the other hand, do not strengthen or improve brain health at all. Instead, they work to “mask” symptoms for a short while until the dosage given is out of your system.  Just because your symptoms subside for a short while does not mean that the underlying issue of ADHD has changed at all.  And sadly enough, as dosages are increased to fool the brain into thinking it’s producing dopamine and other neurotransmitters on its own, more and more side effects occur.

[ReVamP - it is sad to know that ADHD medications house a multi-billion dollar industry, and really are just a band-aid, non-sustainable solution. Unfortunately many (not all) doctors are not getting properly informed or have other 'interests', the easiest approach is to medicate.]

Simply said, nutrition can heal the fundamental cause of ADHD, while meds only treat the symptoms.


3.  We see many raw ingredients listed such as vitamins, minerals, omegas. What was the process you took to select these ingredients and what was the end goal of the product? How are they fuel for the brain?

I believe the body recognizes natural ingredients best and can utilize them most efficiently.  Many supplement companies choose to use synthetic forms of vitamins, because they are cheaper to manufacture.  Most customers aren’t educated enough to know the difference between different ingredient names and think they are always getting something healthy.  I chose to include ingredients that are naturally occurring, easily absorbed, and retained in higher amounts in your brain and nervous system. More information on our ingredients and how they compare to competitors each can be found can be found on our website’s “Ingredient Page.”

[ReVamP - Absorption is the key here, too many supplements, shakes, etc. just go in and out.]

The end goal of all our products at Nature Optimized is to provide the brain with the nutritional precursors and enzymes needed to increase neurotransmitter production, support cellular communication and increase brain health so improved cognitive function and mental execution occur easily.  Each ingredient fuels the brain in a very specific way, and has a synergistic effect with the other ingredients.


4.  Since the inception of Pure Clarity what has the feedback been on the product? What kind of results are being seen or reported?

There’s so much emotion that comes with the negative stigmas associated with attention disorders. [ReVamP - Very well put!] I started this company hoping to positively impact people’s lives by giving them an all-natural, healthy solution for the very common problems of ADD/ADHD.  We’ve been receiving feedback from individuals and parents of children and their testimonials have been overwhelmingly positive.  Many people are relieved to treat their ADHD naturally and just as many are shocked that our blends are as effective as their experiences on ADHD meds.  [ReVamP - study after study are showing that natural remedies have the same end result, with additional benefits of avoiding the harmful medications]

There have been a few testimonials that one formula didn’t work as effectively as someone would’ve liked. In these situations, I’ve called the customer to discuss their unique symptoms and get direct feedback over the phone.  During our conversation, it usually becomes clear that the individual had ordered the wrong formula of the two for their needs.  I’m always happy to send to these customers the other formula and then explain to them why it has potential to work better. After a week or two the same people write back saying that the other blend was a better fit for them.   It’s been really fulfilling to hear everyone’s comments.


5.  Is Pure Clarity also beneficial to Children? Do the dosages change?

Pure Clarity is definitely beneficial for children. The biggest positive is that the benefits come without any of the side effects that prescription drugs often have.  Pure Clarity is a liquid supplement, because it’s easier and more effectively digested into the body.  Kids have a much easier time taking a liquid supplement, and everyone seems to enjoy the flavors of our blends.   The typical dose is 1 Tbsp, and the dosages change depending on body weight.


6. Are there any health concerns with Pure Clarity? Long term concerns?

There are no health concerns associated with taking Pure Clarity.  Our superpower blend is well within the healthy levels for consuming vitamins and minerals (review vitamin toxicity levels).  The only potential side effect that may come to some people is a yellow shade may be noticed in your urine, but this is fairly rare.  This comes from excess vitamin B2 – riboflavin.  It’s not that you’re peeing out all the benefit of taking the supplement, that’s just how your body excretes what you don’t need.  The only other thing to be mindful of is that Pure Clarity is high in B-vitamins, magnesium, and other minerals so some people prefer to take it with food. [ReVamP - this is completely normal and expected.]


7. What are the key improvements you see with some of your clients?

The key improvements seen after taking Pure Clarity depend on the blend.

  • Pure Clarity with Energy Boost provides the nutritional precursors and enzymes the brain needs to make dopamine, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine so the most common improvements include: increased concentration and attention span, more motivation and energy, and improved effectiveness with getting things done.
  • Pure Clarity with Calming Blend supplies the nutrients needed to help the brain make GABA, acetylcholine, and serotonin.  The most common improvements with this blend include: increased focus and ability to be present, improved mood and mindfulness, and decreased stress and anxiety.

To learn more you can contact us at or go to Melissa’s site at