2 ENERGY Boost, 3 CALMING Blend

$ 137.97

Pure Clarity with Energy Boost contains a proven blend of nutrients that synergistically work together to give your brain the proper support and nourishment it deserves, yet rarely receives.  It's the perfect solution if you've got a lot on your plate (whether at school, work, or at home) and it's time to rise to the occasion, focus in, and productively rule your day.

Our formula of B-Vitamins, Selenium, and Choline combined with Tyrosine, Taurine, and Omega-3 fats means you've found the secret to increased cognition and decision making that influences mental efficiency - no matter the amount of long work hours, pressure at school, or personal demands you are juggling. 

This formula provides the nutritional precursors and enzymes needed to help the brain make dopamine, acetylcholine, and norepinephrine.  Dosing is dependent on weight, but every bottle gives you a full month or more supply of the nutrients needed to support cognitive health and mental execution.

Just ask yourself:  When's the last time I felt 'fueled' without added anxiety, hyperactivity, or jitters that come with other dopamine-enhancing substances (like coffee, energy drinks, and medications)? The answer: When I received the nutrient and enzyme benefits to enhance neurotransmitter development and communication.  Pure Clarity with Energy Boost supports the brains nutritional needs to gives you natural focus, motivation, and drive - all naturally coming from inside you.

Pure Clarity with Calming Blend naturally strengthens the overly active ADHD mind to allow enhanced clarity and focus.  The result is a calm, effective and capable 'you', all of which happens through giving your brain the nutrients and essential co-factors it needs to perform most productively.

This blend supports the brain with the nutritional precursors that are essential to making serotonin, GABA, dopamine, and acetylcholine; which are essential neurotransmitters that support cognition and decision-making, and influence mood by decreasing anxiety.  A proven blend of nutrients work together to give your brain the proper nourishment it deserves, yet rarely receives. Magnesium, Selenium and B-Vitamins combined with Omega-3 fats and specific amino acids means you've found the solution to support your hyperactive or overwhelmed brain.  

Let Pure Clarity with Calming Blend bring you the peace of mind and confidence of knowing you can more effectively rule your world (whether it be at home, school or work) – so that distractions or stress don't dismantle you.  We often forget that stress comes in all forms (physical, mental, emotional, or environmental) and often sneaks up on our health and cognitive abilities unknowingly.  That's why it’s time to start giving back and nutritionally supporting your busy brain.   Choose Pure Clarity with Calming Blend today.

A note about ADHD meds:  Strongly consider avoiding ADHD pharmaceuticals that might dull your active and capable brain.  We believe meds are needed in some situations but the majority of of focus and inattention problems can be solved by taking initiative to go the natural, health-supporting, no-side-effects route with Pure Clarity.  You'll be glad you did!