Pure Clarity Energy Blend - Single Serving (16/Case)

$ 42.99

Busy families and individuals will delight in the convenience of Pure Clarity Energy Blend in a easy-to-take format so that you can pull it out of pocket or purse any time of the day. Pure Clarity Energy Blend with single-serve convenience is perfect for on-the-go adults and kids who are not willing to sacrifice quality for time.  Not only have we made our single serving formula more convenient, but we've listened to your feedback and improved the flavor too!  The result – increased brain performance for a healthy, focused mind.

Pure Clarity with Energy Boost contains a proven blend of nutrients that synergistically work together to give your brain the proper support and nourishment it deserves, yet rarely receives.  It's the perfect solution if you've got a lot on your plate (whether at school, work, or at home) and it's time to rise to the occasion, focus in, and productively rule your day.

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